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New national audit on childhood asthma published by British Thoracic Society

The National Paediatric Asthma Audit has recently been published by the British Thoracic Society. Highlights of the review include: Hospital care of acute wheezing and asthma is ‘efficient and effective’ Hospital stays are short and majority receive care entirely within emergency department Chest X-rays and antibiotics were used more frequently than appropriate according to evidence […]

Traffic fumes and asthma in children

Researchers at Leeds University have found a link between traffic pollution and a rise in childhood asthma. In a systematic review of current evidence, researchers at the university and at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health found that children exposed to high levels of traffic-related air pollution (TRAP) have a higher risk of developing asthma. […]

Winter can worsen childhood asthma

As any parent of an asthma sufferer knows, colds and flu can worsen asthma symptoms. Research by scientists at Imperial College, London, published in 2014, found one possible link: the rhinovirus or common cold virus causes an increase in a protein that is found in the cells that line the airways. This inflammatory protein, known as […]